Thank you to our graduate students and non-profit partners who have shown great interest in participating this year. Applications have now been closed for the Winter 2020 pilot program.

Please contact Brock Egeto at the Student Employment and Career Centre if you have any questions about the program.


As a part of pilot project, the University of Saskatchewan is seeking to better understand key employment skills that are necessary when working in local non-profits and community organizations.  Five graduate students, with possible inclusion of post-doctoral fellows, will be placed in work-study in local non-profits as a part of this initiative.  

Non-profit partners have the opportunity to suggest a project graduate students might contribute to. Partner projects will be selected based on the variety of skills students will practice, and the ability of the non-profit to mentor the student in their skill development.  

Preference will be given to placements in local non-profits with programming focused on equity-seeking groups (e.g. Indigenous communities, newcomers to Canada, vulnerable populations, etc.).

The project is jointly supported by the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning and the Student Employment and Career Centre, both at the University of Saskatchewan and funded by Research Impact Canada (RIC).

Placement details

  • Placement window: January, February, and March 2020.
  • Type of work: Part-time work (40-80 hours, max. 12 hours per week) that could use the professional skills of a graduate student.
  • Cost to the non-profit: The organization would be reimbursed for student wages up to $2000 (at the standard USask graduate student rate of $20.04/hour)
  • The non-profit would responsible for supervision and any materials the student would need to complete the work.
  • Students cannot be required to travel outside the local Saskatoon area for placements.


For more information contact Brock Egeto at the Student Employment and Career Centre.