CareerLink Job Posting (30 day posting)  Free
Have our staff post your job $100/posting
Featured Job Posting $200 (one 30 day posting)
Interview Room (full day)* $100
Interview Room (half day)* $50
SECC Meeting Room (Info Sessions, Meet & Greets, Interviewing) $300 (one full day) - $150 (Half day, up to 4hrs) - $500 (one day with interview scheduling)
Interview Room (Co-op/Internship Hiring)  Free (standard interview scheduling fees apply)
Interview Scheduling (up to three interview rooms over 1-3 days) $400
Information Sessions (single session)
$150-$550 + amenities**
Place your ad on the SECC Entrance TV Screen (one month) ($200 for static image, $500 for video ad)
Featured Employer $100/month
Career Fairs varies with multiple options
SECC Membership $2500/year

*Cancellation/booking change policies: If you cancel rooms with less than 7 days’ notice, the cost of the unused rooms will be applied as a credit to your SECC account, which must be used within the same fiscal year (April 30th). There is no refund of interview room fees with less than 7 days notice. Following receipt of your initial booking confirmation, one change to your booking date will be permitted. Any subsequent booking changes will be subject to a $50 administrative fee. Half day bookings applies only during non-peak months (following February break week). The booking must also fall into either the morning or afternoon time period.
** Amenities include catering and AV

Interview Scheduling Service

This service allows you to advertise your postings, access the online Application Collection Service, interview on campus, and have the SECC assist with interview scheduling.

$400 per use 


  • Assistance with scheduling on-campus interviews (for up to three interviews rooms over 1-3 days)
  • Interview space provided on campus
  • Up to two parking passes per day while on campus for interviews
  • Photocopying, faxing, internet access and message service while on campus (SECC rooms only)

SECC Membership

Beginning to plan your fall recruitment activities? Would you like to raise your profile on the University of Saskatchewan campus? The Student Employment & Career Centre (SECC) is offering your organization a unique opportunity to become an exclusive member of the SECC.

$2500 per year (May–April)

Membership privileges include:

  • 12 free Featured Job Postings ($2400 value)
    Plus 50% discount on any additional Featured Job Postings. Featured Job Postings are available exclusively to SECC members and career fair sponsors during the month of September
  • Information Session(s) (up to $550 value - catering costs and AV requirements are extra). Exclusive early booking access (mid-May) for your fall information session space.
  • Complimentary Career Fair booth at any or all of our six career fairs ($800 value for Career Expo booth). Early access to book your career fair booths (Members will have exclusive access for the first week of registration). 
  • Featured Employer for 1 year ($1200 value)
    Your logo and website will be listed as a Featured Employer on the SECC website and website from May until April.

  • Unlimited use of the Interview Scheduling Service (value of $400 per use)
    Includes access to interview space and assistance with scheduling on-campus interviews and up to two parking passes per day in Lot 1 when interviewing on campus. Also, exclusive early booking access (mid-May) for your Interview Rooms in the fall.

  • Promotion on SECC social media, Facebook.  #usaskSECC

Please contact us to secure your membership.

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